I have a wide range but not proficient interests. I like swimming, I go to swimming pool every week. I like music and have experience playing with instruments, such as keyboards, bamboo flute, and harmonica. After I started pursuing my Ph.D in France, I gained two more interests, cooking and traveling, as they are two easiest ways to cheer me up after a tough research day or period.

Things to brag about

I have two "Chinese" hobbies, table tennis, and Chinese chess. I started to play table tennis when I was 12-year-old and instantly fell in love with. I attended the competition in our college in 2010 and won the third place. The photo on the left side was taken after a university competition in 2012. Our team represented the college and won the second place.

Playing with Chinese chess is a tradition in my family. I learned it by watching my father played when I was a child. I attended the Chinese chess competition in my university in 2010, won the third place. In the same year, I represented my university to attend the competition in Jilin province and won the first place of team and the fifth place of individual.

Table tennis
Chinese chess